Bulldogs fall short in Team District

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Round one of the team district pitted the Romeo Bulldogs and the Oxford Wildcats against each other with the winner taking on the winner of Port Huron and Port Huron Northern for the district title.  The dual meet was back and forth as was expected. The Bulldogs and Wildcats split with each winning 7 matches. Even though Romeo won in the “pin department” 2 to 1, Oxford scored more bonus points overall to take a 3 point victory.  It was a tough loss for the Bulldogs who had beaten Oxford 44-23 earlier in the year. Oxford went on to beat Port Huron Northern in the district final 68-4.

Weight                                                                                                          ROMEOOXFORD

285  Jonathon LaFave (Romeo HS) over Austin Penzien (Oxford HS) (Fall 1:48)60

103  Zach Call (Oxford HS) over Drake Garrisi (Romeo HS) (MD 15-4)04

112  Brayden Mirjavadi (Romeo HS) over Lukas Smith (Oxford HS) (Dec 9-3)30

119  Matthew Cali (Romeo HS) over Eli Tabert (Oxford HS) (Dec 2-1)30

125  Jack Thompson (Oxford HS) over Caleb Youngblood (Romeo) (Dec 6-2)03

130  James Rivers (Romeo HS) over Darren Mcleod (Oxford HS) (Dec 4-0)30

135  Nathan Call (Oxford HS) over Connor Kohl (Romeo HS) (TF 21-6 5:52)05

140  Jack Smith (Oxford HS) over Jacob Clifton (Romeo HS) (TF 19-4 5:41)05

145  Christian Robbins (Romeo HS) over Liam Hamilton (Oxford HS) (Dec 4-1)30

152  Sal Vackaro (Oxford HS) over Carson Kohl (Romeo HS) (MD 8-0)04

160  Tate Myer (Oxford HS) over Corey Allison (Romeo HS) (Dec 6-2)03

171  Gabe Kerin (Oxford HS) over Ian Antonelli (Romeo HS) (Fall 5:08)06

189  Brenton Wehrley (Romeo HS) over Ty Myre (Oxford HS) (Dec 7-3)30

215  Alex Lukowski (Romeo HS) over Hunter Drake (Oxford HS) (Fall 1:29)60
Team Score:2730