Bulldogs Fall to Oxford in Team District


February 7, 2019

The Romeo Wrestlers have had their share of district matchups with Oxford over the years.  The Wildcats have been one of the top programs in the state and are currently ranked 9th in Division 1.  The Bulldogs took the challenge head on by competing in some top tournaments throughout the year in order to prepare for the Wildcats.  Oxford has a well-balanced line-up with quality wrestlers throughout. Romeo is very similar in that way. Romeo has quality wrestlers from the lower weights to the upper weights.  Romeo won the coin flip and had the matchups they wanted, but, Oxford proved to be a step better along the way. Romeo only won 3 matches in the dual, but, were right there is 5 others.  Those 5 matches would have made a big difference in the final tally. Give credit to Oxford for showing up at the right time. The 24 hour rule is in effect! The Bulldogs have much to look forward to with Individual Districts coming up on Saturday.  Romeo enters five seniors and nine underclassmen to compete for a chance to advance to regionals.

Summary:                                                                                    Romeo Oxford

189  Melvin Eckles (O) over Zef Djurasevic (R) Dec 8-6           0     3
215  Austin Schlicht (O) over Alex Lukowski  (R) Fall 0:46     0     9
285  Brennan Mielnicki (O)  over Jonathon LaFave (R) Dec 4-2    0     12
103  Rylan Watson (R) over Kade Rushlow (O)  Dec 10-1      4     12
112  Caleb Youngblood (R) over Darren McLeod  (O) Dec 3-0     7     12
119  Jack Thompson (O)  over Lance Garrisi Fall 1:55      7     18
125  Matthew Curtis (O)  over Christian Robbins  (R) TF 16-0 7     23
130  Sal Vackaro (O) over Jacob Clifton (R)  MD 17-8           7     27
135  Dominic Todaro (R) over Liam Hilary (O) Dec 8-2      10     27
140  Nathan Call (O) over Elijah Grubb (R)  TF 18-3      10     32
145  Joe Vackaro (O) won Will Frank (R)  MD 9-1      10     36
152  Trent Myre (O) over Lucas Gaborek  MD 14-4           10     40
160  Thomas Wandrie (O) over Connor Verburg  (R) Dec 9-3     10     43
171   Gabe Kerin (O) over Corey Allison (R)  MD 10-6           10     46