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Romeo High School Coaching Philosophy

WELCOME TO THE BULLDOG WRESTLING TEAM!  We are very pleased you have decided to join such an elite and hardworking group.  You will soon find out wrestling is one of the most demanding sports you will ever be involved in.  Yet wrestling is one of the most rewarding sports you will ever play. Wrestling teaches discipline, teamwork, and acceptance of winning and losing.  Wrestling is so much like life itself.


We believe the most important aspect of wrestling is the TEAM CONCEPT.  It is very important every wrestler understands that although wrestling is often mistaken as an individual sport, it is truly a TEAM SPORT in every way.  It is essential that ALL experienced wrestlers help teach the younger wrestlers as much as possible. The goal of our coaching staff is to see all of our wrestlers become disciplined, hardworking student-athletes who will help carry on the proud Romeo wrestling tradition.

Not everyone can be a champion, but anyone can be a winner!

Anyone who participates in wrestling regardless of age or athletic ability has the potential to be a WINNER. A winner is someone who has learned to face a challenge or overcome an obstacle and has persevered to the end. In other words, a winner is one who “has fought the good fight and finished the race.”

Winning has to do with playing to one’s fullest potential. Now one’s potential is not a fixed entity. It is ever-changing depending upon one’s age, emotional maturity, skill development, and physical conditioning. For example, an eleven-year-old boy wrestling in his first match ever does not have the same potential to wrestle as a college athlete competing in his fourth NCAA tournament.

The role of a coach is to know the difference and prepare each athlete to perform at his or her best on any given day. The most important thing is not who has the most points at the end of a match, but who wrestled to his fullest potential.

Success is not always determined by the skill of the wrestler, but by the will of the wrestler. “Victory doesn’t always go to the better man, but to the one who thinks he can.” For as a person thinks within himself, so he is. (says an ancient Hebrew proverb).

Many great men of history have been amateur wrestlers: Ben Franklin, Abe Lincoln, George Patton, and Norman Schwarzkopf (commander of the US Forces in the Persian Gulf War) to name a few. And all of these men would agree, I’m sure, with Coach Dan Gable who said, “More enduringly than any other sport, wrestling teaches self-control and pride. Some have wrestled without great skill; none have wrestled without pride.”

Not everyone can be a champion, but anyone can be a winner.

Wrestling for Romeo High School is a great privilege, not a right!

The Supreme Court has ruled that Athletics is a

privilege, not a right. Those who choose to participate

in athletics must obey the policies set forth by the

coaching staff. Please read the policies in this handbook

before you begin.

Role of the Wrestlers –Five Basic Assumptions

It is important you understand we are making five assumptions about you as a Romeo Wrestler. If you are not in agreement and willing to strive toward each of these five assumptions, then this is not the program for you.

1.  We assume you will communicate personally TO ONE OF THE COACHES by telephone, letter, email or in person if you are going to be late, leave early, or miss a practice or an event.  Notice this is a role for WRESTLERS (not parents).

2. We assume you want to be the best person you can be. You must understand that you represent The Romeo Wrestling Program. You may be the only athlete some people will ever know. Your character is a direct reflection of our program. There are many benefits that go along with being a part of our program.

With those benefits, you will be held accountable for your actions. We will help you become the best you can be on and off the mat.

3. We assume that you expect to graduate with the highest grades you are capable of making. You are responsible to yourself, your parents, and your team to strive for the highest grades possible.

4. We assume that you want to be the best athlete you can be. Coaches see what you can and should be and will push you to achieve your maximum potential.  Coaches can try to motivate you, but the most effective motivation comes from within. The Romeo High School Wrestling Staff will encourage you to strive for

nothing less than your best.

5. We assume that you want to be a part of a Championship Team. Everything about our program is designed to produce champions. You will be expected to practice, compete, and have the discipline of a champion.

Distribution of Information

The official website of the Romeo Wrestling is and most information can be found at this site. Schedules and other information can be found by visiting the website.  Hard copies of overnight trip itineraries will be will be distributed a couple weeks prior to the trip and it is the responsibility of each wrestler to get these to their parents. Hotel information for each overnight trip will be emailed and distributed at this time also.  

Coaches’ Expectations of Wrestlers

1. Sportsmanship. Sportsmanship in practice and at competitions is held in the highest regard. Romeo Wrestling is known for having great wrestlers, and we don’t want that reputation dampened by a lack of sportsmanship. Wrestling is a hard sport, and wrestlers must expect their opponents to try their best to defeat

them. If your opponent’s effort is too much for you to handle in a sportsmanlike fashion, then I would suggest this may not be the sport for you. Referees are human and may make mistakes at times. NO wrestler or parent at any time is to argue with a referee or execute an unsportsmanlike act toward a referee. Only a coach is allowed to confront a referee.

2. Accountability. Coaches will do everything they can to prepare each athlete for competition, but it is up to each individual athlete to make the most of the opportunities provided to them. Practice and competition rules will be set by the coaching staff, and each wrestler will be held accountable for following each of those rules. Romeo Wrestlers will be expected to hold themselves accountable for their actions, efforts, grades, conduct, successes, and failures.  Excuses and passing blame create weakness and will not be tolerated in the Romeo Wrestling Program. A person must have the ability to look himself in the mirror and give an honest evaluation, as well as accept an honest evaluation from the coaches, in order to reach new heights!

3. Be Coachable. The success of the Romeo Wrestling Program has been built on those athletes who have decided to listen to the coach. Coaching is a process whereby we, the coaches, challenge another to find his or her own best answers. Through this process, others are forced to think for themselves. It is a process that develops leaders. If every time you are challenged by a coach you make excuses for where you are and why your way is the best, you will never be able to stretch your boundaries. If you truly wish to strive to be the best you can be, it is essential to listen to your coaches and not question them when you are challenged.

4. Discipline. All is lost without discipline. If you don’t have the discipline to follow the team rules and the guidelines set forth by the coaching staff, you are going to hold yourself and the team back. No one person is bigger than the program or the others on the team.

5. Respect. Romeo Wrestlers will show respect to all. Treat others as you would like to be treated. This includes fellow wrestlers, coaches, fans, administrators, referees, and so on. You must also respect the practice facilities and equipment. In the weight room, you must always clean up after yourself and use the equipment in the proper manner. In the locker room you must also clean up after yourself. You are expected to keep the wrestling room clean and to participate in any setting up or tearing down of equipment.

6. “Pay the Price”. Any wrestler who cannot follow the rules and guidelines set forth by the coaching staff must be willing to accept the appropriate punishment.  The punishment will depend on the severity and frequency of the infractions. Punishments can be anything from extra conditioning to suspension from the team. The Romeo Wrestling Coaching Staff will decide on the appropriate consequence 

7. Hygiene. All wrestlers are required to follow the guidelines outlined later in this handout for hygiene.

8. Nutrition. All wrestlers are encouraged to do their best to follow the nutrition plan outlined at the beginning of the season.  The Nutrition Program is also on our website.

9. Return all issued equipment. Singlets and warm-ups will be issued to the wrestlers and are to be returned at the conclusion of the season. If they are not returned in a timely manner, the parents/guardian of the wrestler will be responsible to pay for the singlets and warm-ups.  The following is a breakdown of cost for wrestling equipment: head gear: $50, backpack: $100, singlet: $75, warm up top: $50, fight shorts: $50.

“How a man plays the game shows

something of his character; how he loses

shows all of it.”

10. Security. The wrestling program will do the following to provide a secure environment. Practices will be held at Romeo High School 9th Grade Academy.  To provide a secure environment each wrestler will be provided a locker in the locker room. Theft is a selfish act that will not be tolerated, but it is the wrestler’s responsibility to secure his belongings. Anyone caught stealing will be dealt with by the coaching staff in a severe manner.

11. Attendance. Wrestlers are expected to attend all practices and competitions prepared and on time. If you are injured, you still need to be on time to practice and dressed out. The coaches will give you an alternative workout that will not affect your injury. If you are unable to do any physical activity, you still need to be at practice dressed out and should encourage your teammates.

12. In the Classroom. The Romeo Wrestling Program is a tool to help motivate our wrestlers to do well in school. Wrestling helps students to stay eligible and could possibly provide an avenue to a college education. There are two expectations concerning your work in the classroom.  The first concerns ACCOUNTABILTY. Each wrestler will be accountable for the work his teacher asks him to complete. The second expectation concerns each wrestler’s RESPONSIBILITY for how he conducts himself in class. Each wrestler is responsible for his own actions. If you break school or classroom rules, you must accept the school’s or teacher’s punishment. The wrestling staff will be 100% loyal to the school or teacher. We do not consider wrestling punishment to be “double punishment” because of your obligations to your teammates. 

There will be consequences if a wrestler does not meet the above expectations and will be determined by the coaches.

Personnel Decisions

Every wrestler wants to start for the Romeo Wrestling Team. Unfortunately, not all of you will. The great thing about our program is our JV Wrestlers have a full schedule and are able to get close to as many matches as our Varsity Wrestlers. The coaching staff will determine the starter at each weight class. It is important for wrestlers to understand how we will decide on the starting positions. The following points will influence the coaches’ decisions on starting positions.  

1. Performance, Practice, and Wrestle-offs are the three main determinants in who will be the starting wrestler at each weight class. The goal of the coaching staff is to have the wrestler who will best represent the program in each position.  Wrestle-offs alone will not determine the final starting position. If a wrestler is losing to a competitor in the practice room and in a wrestle-off, but is performing better in competition, that wrestler may get the starting spot. If a wrestler cannot show that he is able to compete with a weight class competitor in practice and is not performing up to the competitors’ level in competition, there may not be a wrestle-off. The coaching staff has the final say in all wrestle-offs and final starting positions.  

If two wrestlers are competing for the same spot and are close in wrestle-offs,  practice, and competition, then the following criteria may come into play when making a decision on the final starting position:

2. Attitude. The wrestling season can be long and demanding. The best way to make it through the ups and downs of the season is to keep a positive and optimistic attitude. A wrestler’s work ethic and attitude throughout the season will be looked at by the coaching staff when determining the starting wrestler of a weight class.

3. Dependability. The members of The Romeo Wrestling Team depend on each other for many reasons. A wrestler’s physical, mental, academic, and behavioral dependability can be taken into account when determining a starter.  

4. Contribution to overall team. Wrestling is both a team and individual sport. The coaches will communicate with the wrestlers what is expected of each to help the team. Team members must be willing to wrestle where it will most benefit the team.

5. Sportsmanship. Most people’s only contact with our team is on match day.  Unsportsmanlike behavior is a bad reflection on the entire program. A lack of sportsmanship can be a determining factor in the final decision on who gets a starting position.

6. Mental toughness. For a wrestler to be able to compete at a high level, he must be able to display mental toughness on a consistent basis. A wrestler’s level of mental toughness may be weighed when determining the starting position. 

7. Being Coachable. Wrestling is a sport that is defined by discipline. Romeo wrestlers need to follow the coaches’ rules and guidelines. A wrestler’s willingness to follow the rules and guidelines set forth by the coaching staff may come into play when solidifying a starting position.

Returning From Injuries

When an injured player returns, he must demonstrate that he is capable of returning to the mat, and will be given every opportunity to win a starting spot. If a starting spot is in contention with another wrestler competing close to the same level, the physical stability of the injured athlete may be taken into account when deciding on starting positions.

Skin Disease Prevention

Unfortunately, wrestling, like many other contact sports, carries a risk of transmitting diseases. The Romeo Wrestling Team takes every precaution to prevent this from happening. It is extremely important for all wrestlers to follow the guidelines described in this handout to protect them from this.

1. ALL Wrestlers must shower with soap and water directly after practice.

2. DO NOT Share or REUSE towels!!! Wash them after every use!

3. If any clothing is left in the locker room, it will be thrown away.

4. Wipe off benches and bars after using in weight room.

5. DO NOT REUSE workout clothes. Wash workout clothes after every workout.

6. Wash kneepads, headgear, and shoes on a regular basis.

7. NEVER leave your wet shoes or kneepads in your bag over night. Let them dry out.

8. NEVER wear your wrestling shoes outside.

9. Check yourself for rashes and skin abrasions daily and immediately report them to a coach.

10. Wash hands regularly.

11. Shower after matches at tournaments.  Prevention of Illness or Sickness can be prevented or at least kept to a minimum throughout the wrestling season if you take care of yourself. During the season, your immune system may be run down from training and stress, and the weather is not favorable so it is even more important to take care of yourself compared to other times of the year. Below is list the coaching staff recommends each wrestler follow throughout the season.

1. Take a multi-vitamin everyday.

2. Get a minimum of eight hours of sleep each night.

3. Maintain your sleep patterns on weekends and don’t stay up too late.

4. Take Vitamin C tablets each day.

5. Never go outside without a coat or hat.

6. Dry your hair after showers and before you go outside.

7. Always wear socks.

8. Don’t share drinks.

9. Avoid close contact with others who are sick, and if you are sick keep your distance from others.

10. Wash hands regularly throughout the day.

Team Captains

Within the first two weeks of the season, the team captains will be announced. Everyone, not only the team captains, is expected to be a leader!

Lettering Policy

Our regular season starts with the first day of practice and ends the day of individual districts. ALL wrestlers must be involved until the team is eliminated from the state tournament. To earn a varsity letter an individual must accumulate 64 points, place in the top two in the league tournament, OR qualify for individual regional. The individual must also maintain good team standing.

How to earn points

1.  Ipt. – participation in practice

2.  Ipt – attendance at competitions

 3.  Bonus Points – participation at optional practices, regional or state practices, attendance at regional or state meets.

If you earn 50 points you will receive a participation certificate.

**If, as a ninth grader, an individual puts in the three weeks after districts and does so for their 10th and 11th grade seasons, they will have an extra 9 weeks of training the majority of the state underclassmen do not get.


Winter:   Wrestling

Spring:   Track, Baseball, Lacrosse, Strength training

**What are you doing to improve yourself????

Summer: Team camp, Camps/Clinics, Strength training


Fall:              Football, Soccer, Cross Country, Strength training

**Work Hard, Have Fun, Compete, Be Involved!!

**Note: We will take the top 14 wresters to individual districts. We may take two people in the same weight class. To qualify as a second wrester in a weight class, you must have 1 varsity match.

***Earn IRONMAN by making every practice***

***Players who are out for the season due to injury will not letter unless they remain a part of the team and make a contribution (as designated by the coaching staff).

Awards Banquet

Awards handed out at the season ending awards banquet will be nominated by the coaching staff. 

Team Medical Care Policy

Our philosophy concerning injuries is two-fold. First, the health and safety of the player is our number one concern. Second, we want to get an injured player ready to play again as quickly as possible. In the unfortunate incident that a player becomes injured, we have established a Team Medical Policy designed to evaluate and treat the player as quickly as possible. Should an injury occur, we would like to follow this protocol:

1. Evaluation by a Trainer, Team Doctor, or a Coach (depending on when the injury occurs and upon who is present at the practices or games). Please notify the coaching staff  if you think you need to go to the doctor. Romeo High School Trainer and Coaches can refer you to a sportsminded doctor. Some minor injuries can be evaluated without a doctor’s visit.  The coaching staff would like to be aware of all injuries and not be surprised.

2. When a wrestler is being seen by a doctor, please relay any information pertaining to the injury to the coaching staff.  It is very important the coaching staff is kept up-to-date on the status of all serious injuries.

3. Parents will be notified in the case of any injury serious enough to be evaluated by a physician.

4. A doctor’s note will be required for your child to be excused from practice for an expended period of time.  

However, wrestling is a contact sport and many minor injuries can occur. The Trainer and/or the Romeo High School Coaches will work with each injury and each athlete on an individual basis and some practice time may be missed without a doctor’s note. Wrestlers are expected to attend practice even if they cannot participate.

In the unlikely event of a catastrophic injury, we have established an Emergency Plan to handle such injuries.

1. A phone is always available at practices and competitions.

2. Romeo High School has provided the team with a medical kit that is with us at practices and competitions.

3. The coaching staff will have specific assignments concerning their role in the event of a catastrophic injury, such as: who makes the 911 call, who stays with the wrestler, who stays with the team, who calls the injured wrestlers parents, and so on.


You must have a physical examination before you can participate in any Romeo High School workouts.


Points of emphasis for those who attend a sporting event.  One of the greatest perils to athletics is overzealous fans. For athletic programs to provide the best experience for their student-athletes, coaches, officials, and spectators, implantation of good sportsmanship is key. Below are some points of emphasis on sportsmanship that may protect the integrity of athletics and enable fans and participants to better enjoy the contest.

1. Show interest in the contest by enthusiastically cheering and applauding the performance of all teams.

2. Show proper respect for opening ceremonies by standing at attention and remaining silent when the national anthem is played.

3. Understand that a ticket is a privilege to observe the contest, not a license to verbally attack others or to be obnoxious. Maintain self control.

4. Do not boo or make disrespectful remarks toward players or officials.

5. Learn the rules of the game so that you may understand and appreciate why certain situations take place.

6. Know that noisemakers of any kind are not proper for indoor events.

7. Obey and respect officials and faculty supervisors who are responsible for keeping order. Respect the integrity and judgment of game officials.

8. Stay off the playing area at all times and out of the areas marked for coaches and wrestlers.

9. Do not disturb others by throwing material onto the playing area.

10. Show respect for officials, coaches, student-athletes, and cheerleaders.

11. Respect public property by not damaging the equipment or facilities.

12. Know that institutional officials reserve the right to refuse attendance of individuals whose conduct is not proper.

13. Refrain from the use of alcohol and drugs on the site of the contest or before arriving at the site of the contest.

Parent Expectations

1. As a parent of a Romeo High School student athlete, you must acknowledge you are a role model for your child. Remember that high school athletics are an extension of the Romeo High School academic mission, and serve educational, developmental, and health purposes in the life of your child. As a parent, you must show respect for all players, coaches, officials, and supporters of your child and participating institutions. You accept and understand that the spirit of fair play and good sportsmanship are expected by Romeo High School at all athletic events on and off campus. You need to accept your responsibility to be a model of integrity and good sportsmanship that comes with being the parent of a Romeo High School  student athlete.  

2. Take ownership of your part in this program. Make sure your child attends every function, workout, and practice, prepared and on time.

3. Monitor your child’s academic progress and make sure he completes his assignments on time. A typical high school student will have homework or something to study each night.

4. Respect all rules and guidelines set forth by the coaching staff and support disciplinary actions taken on your child by the coaching staff.

5. During competitions, please stay in the stands and cheer on all members of the Romeo Wrestling Team.

If you have any questions or concerns about our program, please go to Coach Cali first. Please do not go to the Principal, Assistant Principal, Athletic Director, or Assistant Coaches; they will refer you to Coach Cali. You may contact Coach Cali at 586-524-9481. If you cannot reach him, please leave a message and he will return or react to your call as soon as possible. Please do not approach the coaching staff with a problem directly before competition or practice, during competition or practice, or directly after competition or practice. Please be aware that The Romeo Coaching Staff will not discuss matters of other athletes with you.  At any appropriate time, Coach Cali will, in a civil manner, discuss the philosophy behind the policies in this handbook and ways we can improve you child’s performance in the classroom or on the mat. Thank you for allowing your child to wrestle for us. We know that each wrestler will become a better person for being in our program.

Parent’s Guide To A Wrestling Match


At the start of the match, wrestlers begin on their feet, facing each other in the “neutral position”. The wrestler wearing a GREEN leg band is the HOME wrestler and the visiting wrestler wears RED. The wrestlers shake hands and the referee blows the whistle to begin wrestling.

Wrestling Positions

While the first period begins with the wrestlers in the neutral position, a coin toss determines which wrestler gets his choice of starting positions of the second and third periods. If the home wrestler gets to choose his position for the second period (top, bottom, or neutral), the visiting wrestler gets his choice the third period. After the first period is completed, the wrestler who wins the coin toss has the opportunity to choose the position or defer his choice to the third period.

For scoring points throughout the match, wrestlers are awarded points for the following moves: takedown, reversal, escape, and near fall. The referee can also award points for illegal holds or stalling.

TAKEDOWN (2 points) A takedown occurs when either wrestler, starting from the neutral position, gains control of his opponent on the mat.

ESCAPE (1 point) The defensive wrestler (on bottom) is awarded one point for an escape when he moves to a neutral position.

REVERSAL (2 points) The defensive wrestler (on bottom) is awarded 2 points for a reversal when he gains control of his opponent and becomes the offensive wrestler (on top). This may take place while the defensive wrestler is either on his feet or on the mat.

NEAR FALL (2 or 3 Points) Points for a near fall are awarded when the offensive wrestler has control of his opponent in a near pinning position. This occurs when the defensive wrestler’s shoulders are restrained four or fewer inches from the mat, one shoulder is touching the mat and the other is held at a forty-five degree angle to the mat, or when the wrestler is in a high bridge or supported on both elbows. If the near fall criteria are met for a period of two consecutive seconds, a two-point near fall is awarded; if the near fall criteria is met for five consecutive seconds, a three-point near fall is earned. 

END OF MATCH A match ends when one of the following occurs: a pin (fall), a technical fall, or time expires.

PIN (FALL) A pin is awarded when a wrestler holds any part of both of his opponent’s shoulders to the mat for two continuous seconds.

TECHNICAL FALL When a wrestler has earned a 15 point advantage over his opponent, the referee will end the match.

TIME EXPIRED If there has not been a fall or a technical fall by the end of the third period, the winner of the match is determined by the number of individual points scored. The wrestler with the most points wins the match by decision.

OVERTIME A two minute overtime period begins immediately after the regulation match. Both wrestlers are in neutral position. The first wrestler to score is the winner.

INFRACTIONS, PENALTIES AND INJURY, TIME-OUTS, ILLEGAL HOLDS Illegal holds are dangerous and can cause injury. Whenever a referee witnesses one of these holds being used, he awards one point to the offender’s opponent. Illegal holds include, but are not limited to: 

SLAM– lifting and returning an opponent to the mat with excessive force

HAMMERLOCK– pulling the opponent’s arms too high on the back or pulling the arm away from the back.

HEADLOCK– arms or hands are locked around the opponents head without encircling an arm.

FULL NELSON– arms are under both arms of the opponent and behind the head.  

POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS HOLDS- occur when a body part is forced to the limit of the normal range of movement. The referee will caution a wrestler against forcing a hold into an illegal position; however, he will

not stop wrestling action unless it is necessary to prevent an injury.

TECHNICAL VIOLATIONS- may cause the offending wrestler to be penalized one point. The referee may give cautions or warnings about some violations but not all. Technical Violations include assuming an incorrect starting position, false start, grasping clothing or headgear, interlocking hands, and leaving the wrestling area without permission from the referee.


UNNECESSARY ROUGHNESS– Physical acts that exceed normal aggressiveness.

UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT– physical and non-physical acts that can occur before, during, or after a match. Examples: shoving, swearing, failing to follow referee instructions, baiting, and taunting.

FLAGRANT MISCONDUCT- any physical or non-physical act occurring before, during, or after a match that the referee considers to be serious enough to disqualify a contestant from a match or tournament.  Examples: biting, hitting, head-butting, elbowing, and so on.

STALLING– Each wrestler is required to make an honest attempt to stay within the 10 foot circle and wrestle aggressively at all times.  When a referee recognizes stalling, he will warn the offender. Further violations will be penalized. Penalties and warnings are cumulative throughout the match and overtime. Penalty points are awarded to the offender’s opponent. He is awarded one point for the first and second offenses, and two points for the third offense. On the fourth offense, the offending wrestler is disqualified.

Dual Meet Scoring


Technical Fall: Win by 15 pts. 5 team points

Fall (Pin) 6 team points

Forfeit 6 team points

Default 6 team points

Disqualification 6 team points

Major Decision: win by 8-14 pts. 5 team points

Decision win by 1-7 pts. 3 team points

Promoting a Positive Athletic Experience:

The Parent’s Guide

From: Greg Dale, Ph.D., Mental Training Coach, Duke University

1. Be the best supporter and role model you can be. You, as parents, will have a bigger influence on your child’s life than anyone else.

2. Communicate with your athlete and find out his goals in the sport. These goals may be different than what you want. Intrinsic motivation is much stronger than extrinsic motivation!

3. Let them know anything worth achieving is going to take a lot of hard work.

4. Support your child and be realistic in his ability and skill level and encourage him to strive to higher levels. DON’T compare your athlete to others!

5. Show unconditional love and support for your child NO MATTER how he/she performs!!!!   Realize that nobody loses on purpose.

6. Let the coaches coach. The worse thing we can have is a confused athlete. 

7. Encourage your athlete to be a leader. Let him communicate with the coaches and let him make decisions.

8. Don’t make excuses for your athlete.

9. Game Day Rules

i. Passionately cheer and support your wrestler and the team.

ii. Please stay off the competition floor and out of the wrestler’s corner.

iii. While in the stands be positive. Don’t yell criticisms or do anything to draw attention away from the athletes and toward you.

iv. While your athlete is competing, please don’t make an effort for the athlete to focus on you rather than the coach. Once again, we don’t want a confused athlete.

v. Please refrain from yelling derogatory comments to the officials, fans, or anyone else involved in the event.

vi. Let the coaches deal with referees. I have never seen abusing a referee lead to a positive reaction.

vii. Let the coaches coach and please don’t interfere with coaches during competition.

viii. Support the coaches’ decisions and any disciplinary actions by the coaches.  Most people come in contact with this program solely with the wrestlers, coaches, parents, and fans at competitions. How we act will stick with them. Let’s all be a class act!

Foundation for Romeo Wrestling

  1. TRUST
  2. For the Student:
  1. Grades – put forth effort for good grades.
  2. Classroom behavior – gentlemen.
  3. Training procedure – always give your all.
  4. Honesty – be truthful.
  5. For the coach:
  1. School – ask for help, if needed.
  2. Home – if need to discuss a situation.
  3. Be prepared to coach.
  4. Be fair.
  5. Do what he says he will.
  2. Only accept your best.
  3. Realize your best is not always the same.
  4. Do your best in everything you do.
  1. In coaches.
  2. In Teammates.
  3. In self – know you can always do better.
  4. Coach is responsible for:
  1. Physical – risk taker, do not fear failure.
  2. Mental – strategies related to success in wrestling.
  3. Spiritual:
  1. Put athletics in the proper perspective.
  2. Athletics is not the end.
  3. We always build – never rebuild.
  1. LOVE
  1. Love of caring – look for good in people.
  2. Sacrifice – give up certain things.
  3. Wrestlers sacrifice more – builds character, special person.
  4. Care for each other – support while on the mat.
  1. People on the bench are important.
  2. Have concern for your teammates.
  3. Encourage each other.
  1. Help each other.
  2. “Love each other, or perish”   



I have read and understand the Romeo High School Wrestling Handbook. By signing below I agree to follow the rules and guidelines set forth in this handbook to best of my ability and accept the consequences for not following these rules and guidelines handed down from the Romeo Wrestling Staff and/or Romeo High School  Administration. I also understand that one parent/guardian signing this holds both to this agreement.

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